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Who can apply:

  • Participants must be adults aged 19 or older (born before October 2, 2005).
  • Open to participants of all nationalities.
  • Musicians who perform as buskers (mandatory).
  • Performances incorporating music as a foundation are allowed / Both original songs and covers are allowed

Those who made it to the finals of the 2nd Gwangju Busking WorldCup in 2023 and previous are not allowed to participate.

Performances related to religious activities, commercial activities, or any other performances causing social controversy are excluded

  1. STEP 01Fill out the application form and
    submit a link of your performance video.
  2. STEP 02Apply!
  3. STEP 03Once your application is complete, you will receive a confirmation email
  4. STEP 04Your application has been completed.

Pre-upload Video Requirements:

  • Performance videos can be recorded indoors or outdoors.

    This includes both newly recorded indoor footage and pre-existing performance videos.

  • Live performance footage is mandatory for submission.
  • The video must include either a sign (in any format of your choice) or the official logo of the "Gwangju Busking WorldCup".
  • If you advance to the finals, any deviations or changes from the personnel, members, and instruments depicted or shown in the preliminary video will result in immediate disqualification!
  • Only live performance videos
  • Attach a logo or shoot it yourself

Domestic Buskers Support

Overseas Buskers Benefits

Accommodation Support:
Support includes a two-nights stay.
Airfare Provided
Round-trip flight ticket (Economy Class) for up to 3 people per team

Only provided to musicians (Manager, other companions are not included)

Extra baggage expenses are not included

Intl airport -> Gwangju shuttle bus will be provided

Busking Opportunities&Promotion
Opportunity to busk throughout Gwnagju City
Your performance video will be promoted on official website and Gwangju Busking World Cup social media channels

Judging & Awarding

Final 8 teams will be awarded

  1. Online submission and screening April 2nd, (Tue)
    - May 3rd, 2024 (Fri)

    1. Application Period:
      April 2nd (Tue) - May 3rd (Fri), 2024
    2. Preliminary Judging:
      Mid-May 2024
    3. Announcement of Results:
      Mid-May 2024
  2. On-site performance and judging October 3rd (Thu)
    - October 5th (Sat), 2024

    1. Round of 32: October 3rd (Thu) - October 4th (Fri)
    2. Announcement: October 4th (Fri) (16 teams)
    3. Round of 16: October 5th (Sat)
    4. Announcement: October 5th (Sat) (8 teams)
  3. Live performance
    on Main stage

    • Final Competition & Award Ceremony:
      October 6th, 2024 (Sun)
음악성, 기량, 독창성, 무대미너 & 관객소통
Name of the award Teams Reward
1st Golden Busking 1team 50,000,000 KRW
2nd Silver Busking 1team 20,000,000 KRW
3rd Bronze Busking 1team 10,000,000 KRW
4th Chungjang Busking 2team 5,000,000 KRW
5th Musician Busking 3team 3,000,000 KRW
Popularity award Citizen’s Award 1team 1,000,000 KRW